Facebook’s advertising platform recently introduced the ability to send traffic to a WhatsApp number.

A screenshot of Facebook Ad manager feature to send traffic to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is great buying and selling tool for car dealers to use as it is fast, frictionless and seamless. It is also a very popular app in general, and plenty of people have it on their phone and use it regularly.

This is a novel advertising method, as it keeps the communication between dealer and customer within a platform that is seen as both formal and casual, and this benefits both parties. It benefits the dealer because they can connect their WhatsApp Business account and manage all correspondence on that number. It benefits the customer because they don’t feel like they are communicating half-heartedly through an informal channel, such as Instagram and Facebook messenger.

We have used this feature to help our clients to source new stock. The advertising sequence we use is as follows:

  • Design and post a wanted advert on the account’s Instagram and Facebook page
  • Select and run the Instagram and Facebook posts separately as ‘Engagement’ adverts to build social clout
  • Target website visitor look-a-like audiences, using appropriate interests and geo-targeting
  • Select and run the Instagram and Facebook posts separately as ‘Traffic’ adverts

We will do more A/B testing in the future, but for now we have certainly noticed a good response for sourcing vehicles.