A simple life-hack that that ends up with me crushing the day and being the best version of myself. Here are the benefits I have noticed from waking up early:

  • I’m already one step ahead of most people – and for some reason a side-effect this has is a get-to-it attitude that I don’t get if I wake up later than 9am.
  • Obviously there is simply just more time in the day to get shit done. I’m sitting there at 1pm wondering why it isn’t dark yet.
  • I can crush my morning routine – one of things that highly regarded entrepreneurs have in common is a morning routine that involves some form of mental or physical exercise – which is why it is important for me to wake up early and exercise or meditate before I start my day.
  • And finally, I do not have trouble sleeping at 10pm.

Notice that all of these points, in some way or another, build upon and compound from each other. They further develop the get-to-it attitude.