The Honesty-Humility factor is probably the most important factor in the HEXACO scale. The HEXACO Scale consists of…

  • Honesty/Humility (H):  sincerity, fairness, modesty, greed-avoidance versus insincere, unfair, immodest, greedy
  • Emotionality (E): emotional, oversensitive, sentimental, fearful, anxious, vulnerable versus brave, tough, independent, self-assured, stable
  • Extraversion (X): outgoing, lively, extraverted, sociable, talkative, cheerful, active versus shy, passive, withdrawn, introverted, quiet, reserved
  • Agreeableness (A): patient, tolerant, peaceful, mild, agreeable, lenient, gentle versus ill-tempered, quarrelsome, stubborn, choleric
  • Conscientiousness (C): organised, disciplined, diligent, careful, thorough, precise versus sloppy, negligent, reckless, lazy, irresponsible, absent-minded
  • Openness to Experience (O): intellectual, creative, unconventional, innovative, ironic versus shallow, unimaginative, conventional

Here is a nice table depicting the traits one would have in relation to their position on the Honest/Humility factor scale:

Honesty-Humility (H)



  • Avoid manipulating others or being false
  • Scrupulously fair, law-abiding
  • Wealth and luxury not so important
  • Don’t consider themselves superior
  • Adjectives: sincere, honest, faithful, loyal, modest, unassuming, fair-minded, ethical
  • Flatter others, pretend to like them
  • Willing to bend rules for personal gain
  • Want money and expensive possessions
  • Feel entitled to special status and privilege
  • Adjectives: sly, deceitful, greedy, pretentious, hypocritical, boastful, pompous, conceited, self-centered

In the book, each of these factors are defined and explained in detail as are their respective counterparts. Each factor is broken down into the advantages and disadvantages of being high or low on the scale for each factor in relation to the Honesty / Humility factor. The authors present specific behaviours of high and low scores in combination with other personality factors (extraversion, emotionality). Ultimately, I learnt didn’t learn a huge amount worth remembering. Maybe some of the information was good, but clearly not good enough to merit remembering and applying it. Will re-read and re-review one day maybe.