Social media is impacting our lives massively. Everybody is on it, and people’s necks and posture are getting out of control. We’re consuming content day in, day out. We are simply lucky to get a break from it these days. So why would you want to start a social media marketing agency? You’ll just be adding to the fire. Well yes, that’s true, but there’s also a few reasons why you might want to:

1. It’s a low barrier to entry

Literally anybody with a small amount of technical knowledge and who’s good at communicating can start an agency. You don’t need much up front capital, and the skill level needed to enter the market is relatively small.

2. It’s a technology/internet based business

If you own a phone and a laptop, that’s basically all you need to get going.

3. It’s a legitimately scalable business (if you’re good with people)

You can make a good living by doing the work yourself as an owner-operator. However, at some point the amount of work you do will become overwhelming. Just like most businesses, you’ll need to build a team to grow, and so you can only grow the business if you’re good at managing people.

4. You get to decide which niche you want to go for, if any

Simply put, if you’re going to start an agency, it’s best to find a category of products/services you would be happy promoting online.

5. You’ll learn a lot

Everything you do for the business will foster a growth mindset and enable you to learn.

6. It can be quite fun

If you’re passionate about the services/products you’re promoting, then it can be fun, which keeps morale high.

7. You get to call the shots

This is not a job, and there’s plenty of opportunity out there to help other people build their dream life. This is your business, you run it, which is great. But that does come with a lot of responsibility.

8. You can work remotely

The beauty of a business that’s solely run from a computer or phone is that you can do it anywhere in the world. So if you aim to travel the world, spend a couple of years of your life building a digital agency and then take off!

9. You can make some pretty good money if you know what you’re doing

This final point is important, because an agency is a fairly simply business. It isn’t exactly launching the next Uber or Facebook. And if you want to do something revolutionary and groundbreaking, this isn’t it. But if you want to make some good money, on your own terms, and be able to fund other businesses, invest, travel, and work remotely, then this is a good place to start.

10. Marketing will be here forever

Let’s think about this business from a longevity standpoint. I can’t imagine a world where social media doesn’t exist. It’s here to stay, and there are tons and tons of businesses that simply cannot afford to spend the time utilising it for their business. This is a massive opportunity for us.