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The H Factor of Personality

The Honesty-Humility factor is probably the most important factor in the HEXACO scale. The HEXACO Scale consists of... Honesty/Humility (H):  sincerity, fairness, modesty, greed-avoidance versus insincere, unfair, immodest, greedy Emotionality (E): emotional, oversensitive, sentimental, fearful, anxious, vulnerable versus brave, tough, independent, self-assured, stable Extraversion (X): outgoing, lively, extraverted, sociable, talkative, cheerful, active versus shy, passive, withdrawn, introverted, quiet, reserved Agreeableness (A): patient, tolerant, peaceful, mild, agreeable, lenient, gentle versus ill-tempered, quarrelsome, stubborn, choleric Conscientiousness (C): organised, disciplined, diligent, careful, thorough, precise versus sloppy, negligent, reckless, lazy, irresponsible, absent-minded Openness to Experience (O): intellectual, creative, unconventional, innovative, ironic versus shallow, unimaginative, conventional Here is a nice table depicting the traits one would have in relation to [...]

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The Best Way to Grow Your Facebook Page Organically

Ever wondered how to grow your Facebook Page for FREE? You might be new to social media marketing or you might be a digital marketer with some experience. Either way, you'll benefit from knowing this little tactic, as I'm sure you probably don't already know about it! How to Grow Your Facebook Page There are several techniques for growing your Facebook page following: Organic Invite your personal friends Ask your personal friends to invite their personal friends Ask your friends to share your content with their network Ask your friends to share your content to groups Post shareable content that [...]

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5 Reasons Why Having a Trading Name Makes Sense

If you're just starting out, you've probably gone through the effort of figuring out your business name. This alone involves a lot of thought. However, you probably didn't realise that you can also simply trade under another name! Trading Name vs Company Name Your company name is the name that is officially registered with Companies House. This is assuming you're living in the United Kingdom. It's the name that will be associated with your business by government bodies such as Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. It's also the name that should be presented on most, if not all, forms of [...]

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How to stay happy as a fledgling business owner

For those of you aspiring entrepreneurs out there, this is a blog post about loneliness and health. It is an often-stated cliche that entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, but that is because it's true. Forget about 'it's lonely at the top', which is a different statement and will be discussed on a different blog post. Hint: arrogant people say that. However, the sad truth is that growing a business does require sacrifices. In my case, that was leaving a friend group I had built over the years and moving into the city. I know, you're probably thinking moving to [...]

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The Beauty of Solving Problems

Solving technical problems is extremely satisfying because you end up spending sometimes hours tearing your hair out and eventually, after thinking there's simply no solution, you hit the nail right on the head. The Problem This evening I ran into a permission issue with my macOS Mojave filesystem. I tried ignoring the issue but I soon realised that wasn't a good strategy. It all began whilst creating a landing page for this website. For some reason, the local development version of this website wasn't styled properly whereas the production website was absolutely fine. Same files and folders, totally different looking [...]

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How to Get Verified on Instagram: Blue Tick 101:

Around 2 months ago we requested verification on one of our clients' Instagram accounts. They had 60k followers and the account represents a business. If you look at most verified instagram accounts, they're either businesses or celebrities. We requested the account verification by sending an image of the certificate of incorporation for this business. This isn't enough though. After sifting through multiple verified accounts, we began to notice a commonality between each of them. The reason we believe the account was verified is because the individual who owns the business has trademarked their business's name. Thus, to have a higher chance [...]

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The Agency Structure

Social media is impacting our lives massively. Everybody is on it, and people's necks and posture are getting out of control. We're consuming content day in, day out. We are simply lucky to get a break from it these days. So why would you want to start a social media marketing agency? You'll just be adding to the fire. Well yes, that's true, but there's also a few reasons why you might want to: 1. It's a low barrier to entry Literally anybody with a small amount of technical knowledge and who's good at communicating can start an agency. You [...]

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About to begin an advanced React course

I am about to start a course on advanced React. Here are the topics I'll be learning about: React Apollo GraphQL Prisma Next.js Jest/Enzyme I look forward to hearing from my future self. Link to app will be posted here once course is completed. [UPDATE] Totally worth it, I am now nearing completion of a subscription app that I will charge £17.50 p/m for. I have no affiliation with this course. Now I am learning from another fantastic web development teacher. Both resources below.

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Redux’s First Principles

Principle 1 - Redux has a single source of truth - and object that contains all of your applications state. This single source of truth is a state tree that is simply an object containing functions (methods) and other data. Principle 2 - Redux state is read-only and cannot be mutated. The only way to mutate the state is to emit an action. An action is an object describing what happened. Principle 3 - Redux mutations are written as pure functions A reducer is a pure function you write to implement the update logic of your app, that is how the next [...]

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I had a thought…

As I was refactoring my application that once used Pug, Gulp and Express, and now uses Express with React, Redux and Webpack, I had a thought... I am running into so many problems because I now have a layered architecture i.e. Express, React vs. Express, Pug. Why don't I, after solving every significantly time consuming problem, write down the issue and the solution. Then, if I ever run into a similar problem again in the future, I can refer to these notes. So I have decided to do just that, and I will be storing all of these solutions on this website under [...]

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