Looking to add a payment method to your Facebook ad account but can’t figure out how to do it? It’s easy, but Facebook docs make it overly complicated to find out!

Step #1

Visit business.facebook.com and you’ll be taken to the business manager account(s) that you’re associated with. From here, you’ll either need to click on the business you need to set up payments for, or if you’re already on that business because it’s the only one you currently manage, you can go to Step #2.


Step #2

Click the big blue ‘Business Settings’ button at the top right hand side of the screen.

Facebook business settings button



Step #3

Navigate to the ad accounts tab and look for the ad account you want to add the payment method to as shown below.

ad-account add payment method

Step #4

Here’s the ‘tricky’ part which isn’t made clear in the Facebook docs. It’s better represented in images. Click the little dropdown button next to ‘Open in Ads Manager’ and then click ‘View Payment Methods’.

add payment method dropdown

Step #5

Now a new page will open and all you have to do is click ‘Add Payment Method’ and enter your PayPal or Credit Card Details.

Add Payment Method

I hope this simple guide helps!