Ever wondered how to grow your Facebook Page for FREE? You might be new to social media marketing or you might be a digital marketer with some experience. Either way, you’ll benefit from knowing this little tactic, as I’m sure you probably don’t already know about it!

How to Grow Your Facebook Page

There are several techniques for growing your Facebook page following:


  • Invite your personal friends
  • Ask your personal friends to invite their personal friends
  • Ask your friends to share your content with their network
  • Ask your friends to share your content to groups
  • Post shareable content that people enjoy or find valuable
  • Share posts from your personal page into groups – you’ll realise why I’ve put this in italics shortly


  • Paid Adverts such as Engagement ad, then inviting all the people who liked the post
  • Paid Advert such as a Page Likes campaign
  • Sharing Page Likes campaign advert into groups
  • Paying influencers for mentions on their own accounts

However… Hands down the best way to grow your Facebook page is this cool tactic!

You begin by searching for groups in the industry relevant to your page. For example, if you’re a car dealership and you’re selling Lamborghinis, you should be searching for groups that many potential customers have joined.

Now, as you can see above, when you hover over the ‘+ Join’ button you’ll notice it says ‘Pages can now join groups’. Here you will have the option of joining the group as your Facebook page. This ONLY works for groups that enable access for pages, so not every group will display this hover pop-up.

Now that you’ve requested access to join the group, you’ll need to wait for the administrator to accept you unless it is public and not a private group. Once you’ve been accepted, the best way to get more followers FOR FREE is to share your posts (as your page) into these groups from your desktop.

You do this by clicking Share, then Share to a page, as above.

Now click the drop-down menu and click Share in a group. And from there, you can select the group you wish to share your post into. Now here’s the cool part. You can invite people who’ve liked that post in the group to follow your page!

For example, see the post above. It got 300+ likes!! I hope you found this valuable. Our company certainly does and it’s helped our clients massively.