From time to time, Facebook’s advertising platform has a way of completely pissing you off. For me, it was today, when I finally thought I’d solved the problem of sharing the Facebook Pixel associated with a personal ad account that I am admin of with a business manager account that I am also admin of. Now, you may ask why?

I recently took on a new client who had an individual working with him in the past doing his social media marketing for him. Unfortunately, the guy didn’t have a clue what he was doing, and created the Facebook pixel using my client’s personal ad account instead of setting up a Business Manager account for the BUSINESS. It’s the business that is going to utilise the Pixel, not a person (in this case)!

When you do this, you essentially completely destroy any chance of having a business manager account own the Facebook Pixel. So all of that data which has been collected over time by the Facebook Pixel can only be utilised by that personal ad account which is associated with a personal Facebook profile. So if you’re an agency and your job is to set up a business manager account for your client, then what? Well… You’ll need to create a new Facebook Pixel according to Facebook, and lose all of that precious data. As you can see below, you simply are unable to share Facebook Pixels that were created on Personal ad accounts.

I decided not to listen to support, and instead tried a workaround. My thoughts were that I could…

  • Create custom and look-a-like audiences using the Facebook Pixel associated with the personal ad account
  • Share those audiences with the business manager ad account which is where we will run the ads from

Seems like a simple enough solution, right?

So here’s what I did…

  1. Created the audiences, then clicked the share button as highlighted in red
  2. Encountered an error

Now I knew this was going to happen. However, there is still hope! As you can see, #2 says “Create a new business in Business Manager and add this ad account to it.” – basically meaning create a new Pixel altogether and lose the data. Dumb. But #1 shows a glimmer of potential. It says “Contact an admin for a business you belong to in Business Manager and ask them to either add this ad account to the business or give you the role of admin. Hoorah!

I am the admin of the Business Manager account that we want to share the audiences with. So here’s what I do…

  1. Go to business settings for the business manager account
  2. On the navigation menu to the left, click Ad Accounts and then click ‘+ Add‘ to see the dropdown menu
  3. Click ‘Request access to an ad account‘ and then enter the personal ad account ID and click confirm
  4. Now go back to the audiences and click share again
  5. Encounter another error “You aren’t able to share this audience You can only share audiences that are connected to ad accounts in Business Manager. This ad account Clive Sutton is connected to a personal Facebook account.”
  6. After hours of tearing my hear out I realised that the above steps are wrong. Instead of requesting access to an ad account, I should have clicked “Add an ad account” and then enter the personal ad account ID
  7. It worked! Now to go back and share the audiences again, and hope it works this time…
  8. Encounter another error…

It seems Facebook wins again, but not for long! It is in fact POSSIBLE to share data from a personal ad account to a business manager account. Good luck!