I’m going to teach you a Facebook advertising hack, in a blog post that’s under 200 words long.

  1. Make a great video (see this video)
  2. Make an appropriate audience for the video using look-a-like audience, interests, location etc.
  3. Run an advert using the Video Views objective targeting this audience
  4. Select ThruPlay as the optimisation for ad delivery
  5. Run the advert over a month with a big budget behind it (needs to get 100,000 or more video views)
  6. Once advert is completed, create a new custom audience based on the Facebook source video
  7. Select ‘People who have watched at least 75% of your video’
  8. Select ‘Choose Video’ then click the ‘Select by’ dropdown menu and select ‘Campaign’
  9. Choose the video that you ran in the campaign in step 5
  10. Name the Audience something appropriate, such as ‘Range Rover Video Re-Marketing’
  11. Create a new ad with the Conversion objective
  12. Target the audience created in step 10 and make the creative a single image ad that has 1080 x 1350 aspect ratio
  13. Ensure the copy is an offer – something like “FREE Warranty if you finance this car today!” or “25% off your first order”
  14. Watch how many conversions you get!