As a novice web developer I want to learn more and learn faster because my time at university is slowly coming to an end. I know I will never get the chance again to have so much free time available to do the things I like.

Teaching myself web development has been a fun learning journey. I’ve successfully helped myself and now I feel confident enough to help others to learn too. I believe mentors are extremely powerful in the value they provide in terms of learning. I know this from experience as I had a mentor during the summer holidays this year.

The learning curve for web development is quite steep in the beginning and then it tapers off slightly as things become more difficult. Below is a good representation of what the typical learning journey looks like for a front-end web developer. (more can be found here

My point is that it is a complex learning process. Having a group of people or a mentor who can help you learn is invaluable, and that’s what I was missing. That’s why I started the FXU Web Design & Development Society. To bring designers and developers together to enable each other to learn more effectively. To foster a sense of community around a topic that is cardinal to a creative arts university today.

Go ahead and sign up on the FXU website for free and I will add you to the Facebook group. We will be posting updates here regarding free workshops, socials, speakers and events all things web design and development.