Stripe vs GoCardless

I'd like to make a few points before you read any further: The topic of this blog post is the Stripe & GoCardless API (Node.js / React) This blog assumes you have intermediate knowledge of JavaScript / React I will be discussing the pros and cons of the API service that each provider offers The specific sub-topic I will be discussing is checkouts and subscriptions This is my opinion after my implementing and using both APIs Introduction to the APIs Stripe and GoCardless are payment service providers that offer you a flexible way to manage your customer payments online. If Read more

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React, Next, Apollo, GraphQL Yoga, Prisma – Complicated?

I was recently following the Advanced React course by Wes Bos - great course by the way! However, I always go through a course and end up trying to make it my own in the process. This course focuses on developing and deploying into production a Next.js, Apollo Client, GraphQL Yoga, and Prisma project. Prisma has its own Demo servers hosted on the Prisma Cloud. In the course, we connect to the Prisma Cloud servers and use Prisma Cloud as a database too, and the frontend and backend are deployed on both Heroku and Now. I personally prefer to use Read more

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GraphQL Yoga / Prisma: A Post on the Mutation Resolver

Since Facebook released its data querying language back in 2015, it has certainly caught on. GraphQL is very popular in the developer community now and it's a pleasure to work with. If you'd like to find out more about GraphQL you should watch this documentary. I am currently using Prisma, GraphQL Yoga and Apollo for one of my hobby projects. Prisma is a GraphQL Database interface that provides you with an intuitive API that exposes plain old JavaScript objects. GraphQL Yoga is an Express GraphQL server that enables you to write Queries and Resolvers in a very neat and tidy Read more

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