The ultimate goal of this website is to teach you how to run a social media marketing agency. Therefore, it makes sense to include business as a topic.

Here you will find out about how I started, and currently run and sustain my digital marketing agency. This archive includes things I’ve learnt, things I’m going to learn, interesting links and much much more.

How to Get Verified on Instagram: Blue Tick 101:

Around 2 months ago we requested verification on one of our clients' Instagram accounts. They had 60k followers and the account represents a business. If you look at most verified instagram accounts, they're either businesses or celebrities. We requested the account verification by sending an image of the certificate of incorporation for this business. This isn't enough though. After sifting through multiple verified accounts, we began to notice a commonality between each of them. The reason we believe the account was verified is because the individual who owns the business has trademarked their business's name. Thus, to have a higher chance Read more

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The Agency Structure

Social media is impacting our lives massively. Everybody is on it, and people's necks and posture are getting out of control. We're consuming content day in, day out. We are simply lucky to get a break from it these days. So why would you want to start a social media marketing agency? You'll just be adding to the fire. Well yes, that's true, but there's also a few reasons why you might want to: 1. It's a low barrier to entry Literally anybody with a small amount of technical knowledge and who's good at communicating can start an agency. You Read more

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Realtime bidirectional event-based communication

Recently I've been developing an app using I had the idea when I heard about the Dot Collector app. This intrigued me and, more to the point, I thought "I could build something like that!". I take every project on as a learning experience primarily, and think about the business objectives later. It probably isn't the best way to think about things but at this stage in my web development career, I just want to learn! One of my weaknesses when it comes to starting projects is finishing them. It is something I will definitely work on in the future. Read more

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Understanding the prototype chain in JavaScript

I've been trying to solve a challenging problem on all evening. This "grade-school" challenge is a tough one. Given students' names along with the grade that they are in, create a roster for the school. So in the end you return an object with keys 1-7 and with each persons name under their grade. The idea here is to save data on the fly, which can get a bit fiddly. First of all I had to figure out how to save data on the fly, and researching that on Stack Overflow wasn't giving me much good information. I now Read more

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Automagically returning objects

In Javascript, all functions are objects: function Person(firstname, lastname) { this.firstname = firstname; this.lastname = lastname; console.log(this); } Constructors (shown below) make use of the 'new' operator and the 'this' variable to create empty objects. When the 'new' operator is used to construct an object, the function is invoked and an empty object is automagically returned. var taylor = new Person() console.log(taylor) // Person {} The constructor invokes the function and will return an empty object unless. If you wish to do so, you can pass parameters when constructing a new empty object like so: var bob = new Person('Bob', Read more

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2018 – the year for designers and developers

Since I started coding in 2016, there have been an amazing amount of resources to choose from. However, 2017/2018 has been astonishing in terms of resources and I'm sure a lot of other designers and developers think so too. Here are some highlights for me: Adobe Illustrator released the properties panel. I switched to an amazing free text-editor called VS code. A free CSS Grid course was released. Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski released their podcast called syntax and specifically for web developers. Webpack released 4.0 beta version that has a heavy focus on increasing performance by reducing bundle sizes! Its been Read more

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Developing a community through transformational leadership

As a novice web developer I want to learn more and learn faster because my time at university is slowly coming to an end. I know I will never get the chance again to have so much free time available to do the things I like. Teaching myself web development has been a fun learning journey. I've successfully helped myself and now I feel confident enough to help others to learn too. I believe mentors are extremely powerful in the value they provide in terms of learning. I know this from experience as I had a mentor during the summer Read more

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