The H Factor of Personality

The Honesty-Humility factor is probably the most important factor in the HEXACO scale. The HEXACO Scale consists of... Honesty/Humility (H):  sincerity, fairness, modesty, greed-avoidance versus insincere, unfair, immodest, greedy Emotionality (E): emotional, oversensitive, sentimental, fearful, anxious, vulnerable versus brave, tough, independent, self-assured, stable Extraversion (X): outgoing, lively, extraverted, sociable, talkative, cheerful, active versus shy, passive, withdrawn, introverted, quiet, reserved Agreeableness (A): patient, tolerant, peaceful, mild, agreeable, lenient, gentle versus ill-tempered, quarrelsome, stubborn, choleric Conscientiousness (C): organised, disciplined, diligent, careful, thorough, precise versus sloppy, negligent, reckless, lazy, irresponsible, absent-minded Openness to Experience (O): intellectual, creative, unconventional, innovative, ironic versus shallow, unimaginative, conventional Here is a nice table depicting the traits one would have in relation to Read more