Here are the three of my most used keyboard shortcuts that’ll make you a better, faster and more efficient web developer.

  1. ⌘cmd ⇧shift F – instantly searches through every file’s code in your entire codebase
  2. ⌘cmd P – instantly searches for a filename in your codebase
  3. ⌘cmd F – instantly searches your current file

Bonus tip: If you’re a React developer, you should use the Reactjs code snippets extension. This let’s you type rsc (react stateless component) then hit tab and it expands! Similarly, it works with rcc (react component class).

Bonus tip 2: Download and learn emmet… This is a great tool for any web developer. I should heed my own advice – I definitely don’t use it enough! I wrote about practicing what you preach in my free eBook – check it out if you want.