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My favourite artists to listen to whilst coding

If you're coding all day, I bet you spend a lot of that time listening to music too. That flow zone is what we're all looking for. For me, I find listening to electronic music gets me into the flow zone. They go hand in hand don't they, coding and electronic music? Just like writing and classic music go hand in hand! Here's a list of the artist I find get me in the zone when I'm coding (and a link to their YouTube channels) - I even chucked in a pianist for you!:

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Staying Social During COVID-19: Online Marketing

As economic downturn and the inevitable recession continues as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, and we find ourselves sat at home in front of our computers and our mobile phones - Every. Single. Day. A quarter of the entire planet's population is currently locked down having been told by their government to 'Stay at Home'. As I am sure we have all heard - these certainly are UNPRECEDENTED TIMES! Work remotely. Only travel if you find it is entirely necessary. All companies must shut their doors. You must keep a distance of 2 metres from each other. Self-isolate. Quarantine. If you [...]

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