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The Beauty of Solving Problems

Solving technical problems is extremely satisfying because you end up spending sometimes hours tearing your hair out and eventually, after thinking there's simply no solution, you hit the nail right on the head. The Problem This evening I ran into a permission issue with my macOS Mojave filesystem. I tried ignoring the issue but I soon realised that wasn't a good strategy. It all began whilst creating a landing page for this website. For some reason, the local development version of this website wasn't styled properly whereas the production website was absolutely fine. Same files and folders, totally different looking [...]

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How to Get Verified on Instagram: Blue Tick 101:

Around 2 months ago we requested verification on one of our clients' Instagram accounts. They had 60k followers and the account represents a business. If you look at most verified instagram accounts, they're either businesses or celebrities. We requested the account verification by sending an image of the certificate of incorporation for this business. This isn't enough though. After sifting through multiple verified accounts, we began to notice a commonality between each of them. The reason we believe the account was verified is because the individual who owns the business has trademarked their business's name. Thus, to have a higher chance [...]

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