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Developing a community through transformational leadership

As a novice web developer I want to learn more and learn faster because my time at university is slowly coming to an end. I know I will never get the chance again to have so much free time available to do the things I like. Teaching myself web development has been a fun learning journey. I've successfully helped myself and now I feel confident enough to help others to learn too. I believe mentors are extremely powerful in the value they provide in terms of learning. I know this from experience as I had a mentor during the summer [...]

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Why waking up early is important to me

A simple life-hack that that ends up with me crushing the day and being the best version of myself. Here are the benefits I have noticed from waking up early: I'm already one step ahead of most people - and for some reason a side-effect this has is a get-to-it attitude that I don't get if I wake up later than 9am. Obviously there is simply just more time in the day to get shit done. I'm sitting there at 1pm wondering why it isn't dark yet. I can crush my morning routine - one of things that highly regarded [...]

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Sharing our stories

Today was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. As part of our personal transformation module we are assessed based on peer feedback. The idea was to tell your life story in a way that has an lasting impression or emotional impact. Within the time constraint of 15 minutes, and a storyboard by our sides, we had to present what we believed made us a creative leader. We did so by going into depth about our lives and our backgrounds. It was enjoyable for some and a harrowing experience for others. Understandably, some tears were shed. This is how the BA [...]

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The first of many…

I'm currently sitting in Sunset Surf café, Gwithian, watching the cold bodies of Fal surf society members shiver whilst getting changed after what I'd describe as an excellent surf. The waves are small today and the wind strong, and damn it is cold. But that doesn't matter, because surfing is fun and I love it. I recently arrived back from Barcelona, a trip I will never forget, and one that somewhat inspired me to start this blog. I'd like to say thanks to all of you who made the holiday what it was. Will G, Will S, Barney, Kai, Stefano, [...]

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